Libby Hughes

“For me landscapes are an endless fascination. The solid forms of rock, dirt, trees, and plants are constantly moving, swaying and dancing to their own music because of light and wind. What a beautiful dance that runs across the surface of the earth, and I’m lucky enough to witness it. I do my best to capture it in my pencil drawings and paintings. Pencil takes on the essence of velvet and lace, paint under the knife melds into fancy jasper, amethyst, and malachite skipping across the canvas. Sometimes it works, sometime not, but I’m always learning which is why I love it, there’s no end, it just keeps evolving.

Libby Hughes Passages.jpg


Graphite on paper

Libby Hughes Spring Hill II.jpg

Spring Hill II

Oil - Palette Knife

Libby Hughes Low Tide at Little York.jpg

Low Tide at Little York

Graphite on Paper